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Introducing Groovy Glove – a revolutionary microfiber glove designed to clean in tough to reach places while keeping your hand clean.

  • How is Groovy Glove great for you? Are you tired of using harsh chemicals, wearing latex gloves, wasting paper towels and money? Groovy Glove solves these problems by replacing the need to use any of the above. And just a bit of water helps you clean up the messiest spots.
  • How is Groovy Glove great for dogs? A glove allows you to clean between the toes and under the claws where dirt hides keeping whatever is on the paws from entering your home and car. Plus, it hangs on your door handle so it’s right there when you need it.
  • How is Groovy Glove great for cars? It facilitates cleaning in the nooks and crannies of the car’s interior. Plus, one or two gloves will remove wax from an entire car and clean in the cracks and crevices where wax likes to hide.
  • How is Groovy Glove great for fragile items? Rather than trying to clean with something clumsy and possibly damage delicate objects, the glove allows you to hold and handle them with care.

  • Redesign_v201.jpgGroovy Glove is constructed of the highest quality microfiber. The weave and split of the fibers are woven and split in such a way creating microscopic hooks that attract and hold dirt, water, mud and grime like a powerful magnet.

    Our microfiber is 100x finer than a human hair and 10x finer than silk. By using a thinner fiber, more are used to generate the fabric. More fibers result in a greater surface area thus increasing absorbency and cleaning power. Groovy Glove’s material absorbs up to 600% of its weight in liquids, dirt, and other elements. The cleaning and absorption properties of our quality microfiber are nothing less than exceptional.

    Microfiber is environmentally safe and hypoallergenic. It is mechanically split without the use of chemicals ensuring that Groovy Glove is safe for you, your family and pets.
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